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How To Select The Right Gear Motors For Your Project

October 21, 2021

Choosing a suitable gear motor can seem like a challenging task. This is mainly because of the various factors that must be considered when choosing from different types of gear motors. Whether you are planning to purchase readymade gear motors or a separate gearbox and motor, you must understand the other application requirements to find the perfect option. Here are the three tips to keep in mind when looking for gear motors for a particular application.

3 Simple Steps To Choose The Best Gear Motors For An Application

#1. Determine your application requirements

The first step to finding the most suitable gear motor is to review all your application requirements. These include knowing the general requirements first, such as mounting type, size, orientation, envelope size, and overhung and side loads. Next, you need to decide on the input power source, such as frequency, voltage, and maximum current.

Furthermore, you can then know the specifics of gear motors, including weight, size, lifespan, maintenance, and noise level. In terms of performance, consider torque, speed, horsepower, duty cycle, and load. Finally, consider the environmental factors such as application and ambient temperature and ingress protection rating, if applicable. 

#2. Choose the correct motor type

Since every application is unique and requires different parameters, it’s important that you select the right motor. This means noting down the particular factors which are critical for your application. Then use it to compare the motor specifications of various gear motors you prefer to use. During this stage, you can decide whether you’d be better off purchasing a gearbox and motor separately. 

#3. Determine the torque and speed requirements of the machine’s load

One of the best ways to ensure that you have chosen the right gear motor is to identify the output speed, starting and running torque specifically. It is a matter of matching the needs of your application to the torque and the requirements of your machine. Just remember that when you prefer a pre-engineered gear motor, the manufacturer has done most of the heavy lifting to ensure the gearbox and motor match impeccably.

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