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How Industries Can Benefit from Using Variable Speed Drives

August 01, 2019

In order to control AC motors that necessitate a variability in the output of their speed, and torque, we utilize what is known as a variable speed drive (also known as a variable frequency drive). For dual pump systems, variable speed drives play an important role in minimizing associated costs by energy reductions through more precise scaling of system demands, as well as extending the lifespan of the motor through their soft start characteristics and alternation of usage.


Having a variable speed drive allows for this fine control over input frequency and voltage, and gives it the opportunity to be used in a host of applications, all the way from small appliances such as fans, to industrial air compressors.


Let’s look over some of the advantages variable frequency drives (VFDs) are known to provide across several industries:


Advantages of VFDs in the Oil and Gas Industry

As discussed, VFDs do not require copious amounts of maintenance; for an industry, such as oil and gas, where lengthy downtime can lead to debilitating results for profit margins, VFDs enable production rates to be more consistent throughout the year, and having marked improvements on bottom-lines.


Additionally, as the world shifts to more environmentally friendly endeavours it is important any progressive action be taken to aid in this cause. This is exactly where VFDs can make an impact – allowing for zero emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides from the use of these motors; an especially impactful choice for the industries located in areas that may have pre-existing conditions surrounding air quality, namely urban environments.


Advantages of VFDs for Centrifugal Pumps

Ever wondered how large volumes of a fluid are transferred? That honour goes to centrifugal pumps, moving liquid through the phenomena of centrifugal force - it may be easier to think of them as the opposite of a water turbine.


Used across several industries, including agriculture, and waste management, a motor typically acts as the cornerstone for centrifugal pumps to work effectively. VFDs, by modulating motor speed, provide the opportunity of large energy savings for centrifugal pump usage, especially in applications that do not require to continuously operate at 100% flow rate.


Advantages of VFDs for Filtering Swimming Pools

As demand for VFDs has increased, so has the reduction in upfront costs associated with VFDs, making it an extremely viable option for non-industrial uses and environments, such as in swimming pools.


The role of a pump within a pool is to redistribute, and clean existing pool water by ensuring it is drawn through the filters set in place, and then sent back out again. As a result, even in the event of clogged filters, pumps used for this activity must achieve specific flow rates at all times to maintain water levels. The installation of a VFD helps ensure this level of water volume is met when needed, depending upon the flow rate your filter is built to withstand.


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