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How Hollow Shaft Gearmotors Save Space Without Losing Motor Efficiency

December 06, 2021

Gearmotors are an integral part of almost every complex machinery, but not all gear motors are created equal. Thus, when it comes to choosing a gear motor, there are a few things to be considered. Apart from the most apparent criteria of price-to-performance ratio, other important selection factors include compactness, flexibility of use, and easy integration. At present, the goal of most gear motor manufacturers is to reduce the machinery dimensions without adversely affecting the power output. However, packing all the components into a machine’s body along with the shaft is a very challenging task. This is where a hollow shaft gear motor comes into the picture and resolves the issue. 

Here’s how hollow shaft gearmotors take care of space constraints.

A Practical Solution

The efficiency of hollow shaft gearmotors in terms of saving space can be best demonstrated with the example of the pump engineering industry. By modifying the once horizontal motor into an upright position, the space-related expenses have been cut down. Moreover, it has also made the embodiment of motion hubs into pumps easier. Another advantage of this configuration is that it makes the gears more reliable, easy to set up, and even more durable. Pumps utilizing hollow shaft gear motors are now used at water supply facilities, wastewater discharge plants, well drilling, mining, as well as in agriculture. Apart from being a space-saver, this type of gear motor offers more amazing benefits.

Merits of Hollow Shaft Gearmotors

  • It enables flexible engineering and implementation by making it possible to choose from various orientations and motor mounting placements such as horizontal, vertical or at a particular angle.
  • Compared to their solid-bore versions, hollow shaft gear motors are much lighter in weight.
  • They allow for simple, tight-fit integration with fewer mechanical components and minimize misalignment errors. This further results in a reduction in installation and maintenance costs and increased durability. 
  • Hollow shaft gear motors also make it convenient to give a direct drive connection. Consequently, the backlash will be eliminated and response time will be reduced while improving positional accuracy and torsional stiffness. 
  • Finally, the geared system will have a higher capacity to transfer torque and frequency that exceeds the capabilities of a solid bore unit. 

In this manner, hollow shaft gear motors act as incredible space savers without compromising on efficiency and performance. 

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