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How Do Variable Speed Drives Help Build Efficient Machines

September 14, 2022

Original equipment manufacturers put constant efforts into improving machine designs and performance efficiency to maintain competitiveness. The manufacturers have to implement several motor control automation technology and devices to also meet the customer requirements. Variable speed drives (VSDs), are one such motor control devices that play a significant role in driving efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore more about the role of VSDs in manufacturing efficient machines.

3 Ways In Which Variable Speed Drives Improve Efficiency

Energy efficiency: 
Variable speed drives can help increase the energy efficiency of your machines by allowing you to control the speed and torque of motors according to the specific needs of the application. This can result in significant savings on your energy bills. Modern designs that include VSDs provide precision, accuracy and efficiency as they can easily adapt to the speed of the motor.

Ease of integration and commissioning: 
Variable speed drives are relatively easy to integrate into new or existing machines. They can also be commissioned quickly and easily, thanks to their plug-and-play capabilities. VSDs also come with various mounting possibilities. This comes in handy when it is not possible to place the variable drive inside a cabinet or a machine.

Increased operation and service efficiency: 
VSDs can help improve the overall efficiency of your machine operations. Thanks to their ability to control motor speed and torque, they can minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Variable speed drives can pose as smart sensors and collect data on all key aspects. This helps monitor future outcomes. VSDs can also generate alarms and warnings or even shut down the motor if threshold parameters are exceeded. In addition, VSDs typically require less maintenance.

This is how VSDs help build more efficient machines. We at Bauer GMC, are proud suppliers of Danfoss drives. Speak to us today to learn more.