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How Do Gear Motors Work?

November 20, 2019

The rising cost of energy is continuously driving the demand for improved process efficiency – leading to an increase in interest when it comes to the gear motor unit as a more efficient means of performing everyday operations. Whether it’s your garage door opener, can opener, alarm clock or washing machine – there’s no denying that gear-type motors play a pivotal role in operations we rely on every day.


What are gear motors used for?


The primary purpose of a gear-type motor is to produce high torque while simultaneously maintaining low horsepower by reducing the speed of a series of gears. At its core, gear-type motors are the pairing of two components into one unit: the gear reducer and the ac or dc electric motor.


Bauer GMC manufactures gear-type motors specially designed and manufactured for a variety of industries including the food and beverage, automotive, material handling, and steel industries.



How do gear motors work?


Gear-based motors are typically used for applications that require a large amount of force to move heavy objects.


Industrial gear-type motor operations tend to opt for fixed-speed ac motors. The ac is an acronym for alternating current. An ac drive is used to control the speed of the motor by changing the frequency of the energy supply to the motor.


Many automotive manufacturers in turn opt for dc motors. The dc stands for direct current, which like the ac motor, operate to control the speed of the system. Using an induction motor, the dc generator is powered at a fixed-speed to generate variable voltage.



Where can I purchase a quality gear motor for industrial use?


If you’re interested in purchasing a quality gear-type motor for industrial use, look no further than Bauer GMC! We design and manufacture premium gear-type motors and ac drives for a myriad of industrial applications. We take pride in the quality of our products, and in providing excellent customer service in ensuring a solution that meets your unique needs every time. For all your gear-type motor needs, call Bauer GMC today! One of our representatives would be happy to help.