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How Can Bauer's Variable Speed Drives Benefit You?

December 07, 2023
Variable speed drive by Bauer GMC in Mississauga Ontario

Also known as adjustable frequency drives or inverters, variable speed drives allow for precise control of motor speeds according to the demand of your application. In simple terms, they enable you to match the output power of your machinery with its actual requirements. It all starts with an electrical input from the power source which is converted into direct current (DC). This DC voltage is then fed into an inverter that converts it back into alternating current (AC) with varying frequencies. 

By adjusting the frequency supplied to the motor, you can control its rotational speed. The beauty lies in their ability to regulate motor speeds seamlessly within a wide range - from slow and steady for delicate tasks like precision machining, to high-speed action for heavy-duty operations such as material handling or pumping. 


Benefits of Using Bauer GMC's Variable Speed Drive

Bauer GMC's variable speed drive offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance the performance and efficiency of your operations. 

Energy Efficiency: 

One of the key advantages (and arguably most important) is its energy efficiency. By adjusting the motor speed to match the load requirements, it eliminates unnecessary energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.

Eliminates Power Line Disturbances:

In addition to saving on energy costs, Bauer GMC's variable speed drive also helps eliminate power line disturbances. It does this by providing smooth starting and stopping ramps for motors, reducing voltage fluctuations and minimizing harmonic distortion. This not only ensures stable operation but also prolongs the lifespan of equipment.

Adjustable Operation Speed:

Another advantage is adjustable operation speed. With Bauer GMC's variable speed drive, you have complete control over the motor's operating speed. This flexibility allows you to optimize processes based on specific needs or changing conditions. Whether you need high-speed operation for increased productivity or slow speeds for precision tasks, this feature enables seamless adjustment without the need for mechanical changes.

Bauer GMC boasts decades of experience when it comes to gearing products and speed drives. Contact us to source top-notch gear motors in Mississauga, Ontario.