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Guide To Selecting Gearmotor Lubricants

August 08, 2022

Gearmotors need lubrication for smooth operation and long life. There are many types of lubrications used by the operators to ensure smooth equipment functioning. Oil and grease are the most common types of lubrication. For industrial gearmotors, oil is the ideal choice. The free-flowing nature of the oil makes sure there is less friction between the surfaces of the teeth when the motor is running. 

Shuffling through the pages of the maintenance manual should help you understand the best type of lubrication needed for a given application. However, this might not provide maximum efficiency. To choose the best lubrication for your gearmotors, you need to address the following.

The primary role of viscosity is to provide a film between the surfaces that interact during the operation. It is important to understand the requirement before understanding the methods for viscosity selection. After determining the load and the speed of the gear motor you can decide on the appropriate grade of viscosity. 

Additive selection:
The next step is selecting the additive. Gear lubricants are generally placed into three categories: R & O, anti-scuff and compounded. The best Gearmotor lubricant depends upon the operating conditions. This decision is usually made by the gear motor users, as they best understand the nature of the operation.

Base oil selection:
Base oils with high-quality minerals are the front-runners in most industrial gearmotor applications. However, synthetic base oils are preferable in certain situations like applications in high operating temperatures. Consider your requirements and choose your oil accordingly. 

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