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Gearmotors in the Food and Beverage Industry

May 28, 2019

To meet soaring consumer demands for food products, the food and/or beverage industry has been working to sustain and even improve efficiency. One of the key components of food or beverage processing machinery is gearmotors. Gearmotors help power these machines and play an important role in affecting the reliability and longevity of equipment.

Here are some of the ways gearmotors function within the food and beverage industry:

Efficiency and Reliability

Operations in the food and beverage industry should be consistent and efficient. Speed is essential. The right, high-quality gearmotor can help improve efficiency and control equipment downtime. Machines and other equipment in this industry are often operated 24/7. For this reason, the gearmotors and other machinery components should be reliable enough to survive the long hours of operation. Aside from output speed and torque, other factors like mounting orientation and gearhead efficiency should also be considered.

Food Sanitation and Hygiene

Food hygiene is critical in every food and beverage facility to ensure that there is no chance of contamination. For this reason, the components used in all the machinery and equipment should meet the required food and beverage sanitation standards. Specifically, AC gearmotors should be designed to be easily cleaned and readily accessible.

Operating Temperature

Machines and other equipment used in the food and/or beverage company operate at differing temperatures according to the food product being produced. Hence, the gearmotors performing these functions should be able to withstand these extreme temperatures.

Bauer GMC understands the demand for efficient and food-safe mechanical components for different applications in the food and beverage industry. We provide a range of products that are suited for the industry, from acid and alkaline-resistant gearmotors to stainless steel gearmotors or gearmotors with anti-bacterial coatings, and more. Also available are helical, bevel, and parallel shaft motors with varying degrees of sanitary protection to meet Canada’s food safety standards.