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Gear Reducers 101: The Two Types Gear Reducers and The Benefits They Offer

September 27, 2017

Speed reducers or gear reducers are tools that will enable you to control the speed of your motor. These tools will allow you to prevent your motor from overheating and will also allow you to set your motors to contribute to precision functioning. These speed reducers are mechanisms that are widely used in most motor-driven machines that use gear boxes. They allow users to control their motors to boost efficiency, save energy and protect their motors at the same time.

There are two types of gear reducers available in the market today. This article will talk about these two types of speed reducers and the benefits each of them offer, giving you enough information to learn about them and understand each of them.

What are the two types of speed reducers available today?

Gear Worm Reducer: These are the first types of gear reducers available in the market today. This type of speed reducer passes the international certification for utilization in modern technology. Gear worm reducers are ideal for high-powered devices because they perform optimally in such machines. They are commonly used in cutting-edge and sophisticated equipment to meet maximum capacity. This is a type reducer that is mostly made of steel, making it very durable to suit heavy applications. It is also built and engineered to work at a fast pace and a longer period of time. As well, it is not prone to overheating, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Planetary Cycloidal Reducer: These types of gear reducers are commonly used in military and aerospace utility. Featuring a very prompt transmission, this is a type of speed reducer that has the ability to expedite speed reduction in a good ratio. It also offers much higher output compared to the first type of reducer. Another great thing about this type of reducer is that it requires low upkeep.