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Gear Motor Maintenance

May 14, 2019

Longevity and preservation are always crucial when dealing with valuable items. In the manufacturing industry, it’s always beneficial to preserve materials as long as possible to cut costs and to ensure that all equipment and products are optimized. A gear motor is no exception, requiring proper maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. Here’s a quick guide detailing some important maintenance tips.



Any object that is exposed to constant friction and impact will require lubrication to operate successfully over long periods of time. The application of the right lubricant is crucial to improve productivity and increase the service lifespan of a gear motor. The primary goal of lubrication is to prevent dry friction. By doing so, the overall lifespan and efficiency of the machine will undoubtedly increase. Furthermore, there will be fewer periods of downtime due to constant repairs and replacements. Oil and grease are the most commonly used forms of lubrication.



Routine maintenance differs depending on the type of gear motor. Typical things to look out for include: lack of lubrication, oil leaks, damage, and signs of overload. As its name suggests, routine maintenance should be done on a regular basis. General maintenance manuals are also provided by manufacturers to provide proper guidelines.


Keep it Clean

Gear technology usually operates in a dusty and dirty environment. As a result, it’s important to keep a clean workspace in order to prevent unwanted debris and contaminants from creating a malfunction. A dirty motor can also cause overheating. Moreover, be sure to look out for oil leaks when cleaning your motor.


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