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Everything You Need to Know About Right Angle Gear Motors

November 30, 2018

In applications where space is a major issue, right angle gear motors are most often used. They provide enough torque, speed and efficiency for certain machinery to work. Whether it be AC or DC gear motors, these motors are ideal for a number of situations.


At Bauer GMC, we offer a selection of right angle gear motors suited for your industrial application!


Right angle gear motors are primarily characterized by having a motor shaft, also known as a driveshaft, and an output shaft which are 90° from one another. The shafts can cross either on a single plane or two parallel planes which results in an axial movement. The arrangement depends on the specific requirements for power transmission.


When it comes to the design, the disposition of right angle gear motors can be achieved by using worm wheels and screws. Both can use different types of teeth and a combination of different gears. Both bevel and worm gears are commonly used as single stage speed reducers. Right angle speed reducers that can provide great self-locking features are worm drives since they can work with a higher gear ratio at shorter stages. The two most common types of right angle gear motors are:


  • Hypoid Gearboxes – Hypoid gearboxes come with helical bevel gear trains with shafts arranged at a right angle with a displaced shaft. Compared to classic bevel gears, these kinds of bevel gearboxes can provide higher gear ratios per stage.
  • Bevel Right Angle Gear Motors – These types of gear motors have intersecting shafts which use different gear shapes such as helical, spiral, or bevel gears. They can be used in combination with other types of speed reducers like the planetary gears for greater versatility.


In addition to providing enough torque and speed, as well as efficiency even in tight spaces, right angle gear motors also have a compact design. They’re also ideal for applications that require an angular disposition between the output and the actuator itself. For all of your gear motor needs, we at Bauer GMC can provide you with top-quality gear motors for whatever your industrial application.