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Driving an Efficient Modern Industry with AC Drives

December 11, 2020

Modern industrial processes are the most efficient and productive they have ever been. The better your machinery is, the more likely you will be able to maintain sustainable processes. AC drives are typically used to help optimize the functions of motors and pumps without sacrificing efficiency.


The following are some of the essential functions of AC drives in two crucial sectors today:


Boosts pumping speeds in the oil industry


Oil can be recovered from onshore wells in a cost-effective method by using AC drives. AC drives not only suit electric submersible pumps (ESPs), they are also ideal for fluid flow control in progressive cavity pumps (PCP) and beam pumps.


Specific Danfoss drives are designed to withstand harsh conditions that might prevent pumps from running in their peak performance. Furthermore, both low voltage and medium voltage AC drives can be tailored to meet the most demanding requirements in oil production. 


High efficient and almost maintenance-free drives also translate into controlled costs improving your bottom line as well as minimizing environmental impact. 


Optimizes wind conversion in the energy industry


As the world tries to mitigate our carbon footprint, the demand for more sustainable and renewable energy will continue to rise over the next few decades.


However, greener alternatives such as wind turbines still require effective energy storage solutions to maintain the flow of power.


AC drives are essential when converting surplus energy from wind power to thermal energy using heat pumps optimizing round trip efficiency.  With the right AC drive, your cost and efficiency goals are guaranteed in the long run.


Select the best AC Drive for your application

There is no question as to how significant AC drives are in achieving efficient and reliable processes. It is only right to be particularly careful in selecting the best component for your system. This means choosing the drive that will meet your daily requirements for precision and durability.