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Dos and Don'ts of AC Gear Motor Maintenance

May 01, 2024
AC gear motors by Bauer GMC

AC gear motors function by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy through electromagnetic induction. They primarily comprise of rotor and the stator. The rotor is wound with coils and is responsible for transmitting the alternating current. The rotor is usually the outside part of the motor. The stator is found inside the motor, coupled to the output shaft. AC motors are more durable than DC motors. However, even an AC motor can degrade over time due to poor maintenance. This blog highlights simple ways you can prolong its life.

Simple Tips To Maintain AC Gear Motors


  • Regularly inspect the motor mound to ensure there is no problem with the motor assembly.
  • Replace cracked plates.
  • Secure the mounting bolts.
  • Ensure the gap between the rotor and stator is at an optimal distance.
  • Blow out the motor to keep it safe from dirt and debris and ensure free flow.
  • Lubricate periodically


  • Don't overdo lubrication. This leads to the clogging of oil between windings and the deterioration of components.
  • Maintain service records for easy tracking. Do not miss out even on the smallest maintenance or repair schedule.
  • Don't try to mend your AC gear motor by yourself, unless you are a qualified professional.

Following these steps will ensure the prolonged life of your AC gear motor. It is the best practice to act before it's too late when it comes to these motors. Preventive measures are always better and cost-effective than repair costs. Moreover, this would also help you avoid downtime due to the breakdown of the AC gear motor.

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