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Differentiating Right Angle Gear Motors And Parallel Shaft Gear Motors

September 22, 2020

One of the major factors influencing the performance and behaviour of a gear motor is the position of the shaft’s motor in relation to the shaft of the speeed reducer. There are two major variations in this respect - the worm gear motors, otherwise known as right angle gear motors and the parallel shaft gear motors.


The key differences between these two variants lie on their specific properties, durability, efficiency, and the sound they produce. 


Characterising Right Angle Gear Motors


As the name suggests, right angle gear motors have a motor shaft and output shaft of the speed reducer which are 90° from each other. These two shafts may cross on a single or double parallel plane, resulting in an axial motion. In terms of design, different types of tooth as well as combining different kinds of gears would be possible to achieve said gear disposition. 


These types of gear motors are perfect for applications where space restriction is a major concern. Thanks to its compact and space-saving design. Its utilisation makes achieving the right amount of torque, speed, and efficiency in tight spaces possible, offering an even better performance. 


Defining Parallel Shaft Gear Motors


This type of actuator enables you to work with flat gearboxes since both of the shafts of the motor and the speed reducer are in parallel planes. Unlike right angle gear motors that use bevel gears in its design, parallel shaft gear motors use other gear types. These include helical gears, spur gears, and double helical gears.


The key advantage of using parallel shaft gear motors is their high range of power and torque, reaching as much as 300 kW and up to about 20,000 Nm, respectively. As such, they provide better efficiency and can bear high radial forces. And lastly, they also have low sound levels and vibrations. 


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