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Critical Factors When Dealing with Gear Motors

February 12, 2021

Gear motors can undoubtedly offer specific benefits for each type of application. Yet, when working with these devices, there are some important things you need to consider to ensure that you maximize the overall potential of your motor. There are two essential factors to keep in mind when working with motors.


Being able to understand the proper amount of torque required for your application is very important.


This is crucial to know whenever you are choosing a motor as its ultimate function is in power transmission. In this case, the essential elements involved in your consideration are the speed and the amount of torque the motor is going to produce. In addition, a gearbox may also produce other relevant uses such as magnifying the torque, gradually reducing speed, and taking the motor power. Though some may prefer to prioritize the determination of motor input horsepower, it is recommended to know the right amount of torque needed by gear motors at the output shaft.


Another important factor to think about is choosing the right motor type and its gearing efficiency. This is critical to make sure that you get the opportunity to use the optimum energy efficiency of the gear for your application. Essentially, there are two different types of gear motors you can choose from: the ac motor and the dc motor. Each of them has its own efficiency potential so make sure to find out.


Finally, if you are going to select between a 3-phase driven gear motor versus a single-phase version, the former provides better efficiency because of its simplified design. There are also variable frequency drives or VFDs when a 3-phase power is not available. These devices are very efficient and feature an economical drive technology that you will surely benefit from if you pick it for your particular application.


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