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Consider These Factors Before Investing in a Gear Motor Drive

August 16, 2022

A gear motor transforms one form of energy into mechanical energy. For example, an electric gear transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy with the help of mechanical power transmission. A gear motor drive plays a crucial role in this process by effectively aiding in transmitting the power from a driver to other mechanical components. However, choosing a gear motor drive is not an easy task. You must consider a few factors before investing in one. Consider these points before making a choice. 

Consider These Factors Before Investing in a Gear Motor Drive

Mount Orientation:
The motor and the drive shaft are usually placed horizontally from one another at the gearbox level. Horizontal mounting is highly preferred by engineers even though there are other types of designs available. This is majorly due to the ease of maintenance and lubrication.

Gear Efficiency:
Finding the right gear drive for the seamless operation of a gear motor drive is essential. The entire functioning of the gear motor drive will depend on the efficiency of the gear drive. You must carefully consider the size of the gears, torque requirement and the type of the gear drive.

Type of lubrication:
Timely lubrication can lengthen the life of your electric gear motor. Lubrication ensures less friction between the mechanical components inside a motor and prevents them from wearing out. There are many types of lubrications available but choosing the right kind is not as easy as it sounds. You must take into account the factors like viscosity, thermal capacity and cost for optimum performance.

Gear operation:
Various types of gear cater to different types of operations. For example, a worm gear or a right-angle gear cannot be driven in reverse. The operator needs to consider the nature of the operations required before choosing a gear motor drive.

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