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Choosing the Right AC Motor

April 27, 2021

It's impossible to think of modern appliances, industrial manufacturing equipment, and even toys without realizing the importance of mechanical parts such as AC motors. As with any other mechanical component, it is necessary to figure out the exact traits of each model and product before deciding on a specific AC motor for your needs.

Here are five traits of an AC motor you should keep an eye on when choosing a model for your applications:


Each motor has its respective optimal current level. Too much will melt its coils and possibly damage the motor for good. Manufacturers must consider the operating and stall current levels to determine a motor's compatibility with their product designs.


A higher motor voltage level translates to a higher torque level. Businesses must always check the recommended voltage for the motors they're evaluating in order to determine the optimal energy usage. Too much voltage can destroy a machine due to its lack of torque level compatibility.


Gear motors work with a system of gears and cogs, especially in big appliances or machines. A motor's velocity level or rotations-per-minute (RPM) is self-explanatory. However, the business' manufacturing specialists must look closely at the motor velocity's relationship and eventual speed reduction working with their product's gear system.

Operating Torque

A gear motor's operating torque determines the motor's average torque output. However, machine users won't always set gear motors at their equipment's operating current, especially if adapting to changing processes. Therefore, its operating current under stall speed is a crucial factor in your decision-making.

Motor Manufacturer

Any business will want to repeat purchases and customize future motor designs with a dependable and tried-and-proven gear motor manufacturer. Always look for manufacturers with long-term industry manufacturing experience, such as Bauer GMC. Contact us today at Bauer GMC to learn more about all our products and services!