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Best Practices for using an AC Drive

June 14, 2021

An AC drive can be installed in many different environments. When it comes to industrial applications, installing and operating this product must be accompanied by focus on important considerations, which will be explored below. To also ensure proper use, AC drives are designed from the heatsink up, with a number of applications in mind. Furthermore, their construction should allow them to operate alongside differing climates, power sources, motor types, and distances. This will be performed from a local control panel, fieldbus, or discrete input / output. If the environment is not considered in this case, higher maintenance and service costs, as well as lower operational reliability, can result.

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Since the installation environment can have a notable impact on AC drives, it is crucial to take appropriate precautions as a way of protecting one’s investment in this product. Locations that bring extreme temperature ranges, humid or corrosive conditions, increased vibrations, or the presence of dust require unique considerations when installing and operating this type of equipment. Ensuring the drive is correctly sized for control of the motor and application, as well as voltage, power, response time, and input / output specifications, is the first step in each process.

Questions and areas to keep in mind

From a mechanical perspective, is an enclosure required for the environment where the drive is installed? Shifting to input power, what is the power source and how stable is it? It is also necessary to carefully monitor sets of wiring that activate the motor, control the application, or permit the machinery to run without interference.

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