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Bauer Gearmotor BK Series
Bauer Gearmotor BK Series

The bevel geared BK series is one of our most versatile and reliable gear motors with a high range of installation possibilities including the new Hiflex Drive system.

Bauer Gearmotor BS Series
Bauer Gearmotor BS Series

The worm-geared BS series motors are economical right-angle drives that install easily in to the tightest applications allowing for a diverse range of use.

Bauer Gearmotor BG Series
Bauer Gearmotor BG Series

The helical geared BG series is our best selling and most economical gear motor that includes unparalleled standard features such as our patented Cage Clamp connection technology.

Bauer Gearmotor BF Series
Bauer Gearmotor BF Series

The shaft mounted BF series sets a new gear motor standard for reliability, efficiency and economy, with unparalleled standard features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes.

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