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Bauer’s Variable Speed Drive, And How It Benefits You

December 08, 2017

A variable speed drive is a device that controls the speed and rotation of an electric motor, and is commonly used in various industries for different applications. The variable control this device grants its users makes it a popular choice for essentially any business that runs based on some kind of motor; the advantages of using one are numerous and immediately noticeable.



Some of the benefits of using a variable speed drive include…



  • Energy Efficiency - Perhaps the best advantage a variable speed drive can offer is an increased capacity for energy efficiency. By using one of these drives, an electric motor will only be using as much power as it needs to in order to operate at its desired capacity, and for its intended application. Instead of using fixed-speed motors that are unlikely to work at exactly the correct power for their intended use, you can simply adjust the variables of the motor until it is working exactly as desired.
  • Eliminates Power Line Disturbances - Using an adjustable speed drive also eliminates (or noticeably reduces) the power line disturbances every time an AC motor connected to line starts. These disturbances are caused by the power drain that happens when the AC motor is started.
  • Adjustable Operation Speed - A variable speed drive also allows an equipment operator to have an increased capacity for process optimization. This may include reduced starting speed as well as remote speed adjustment of a specific process with the use of process controllers.


For decades, Bauer GMC has been an industry leader for gearing products and speed drives, recognized for our high-quality products and highly skilled team. We ultimately want what’s best for you, which is why we stock high-quality variable drives to help your business work at it maximum efficiency and at its lowest energy costs. Contact us today to learn more about how this product could be exactly what you need.