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Bauer GMC’s Basic Guide to the Gear Motor

September 13, 2018

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the purchase of an effective gear motor. Any business should consider factors like the physical design features and dimensions of the motor or the performance metrics that determine the throughput of the motor.


Here is what you need to keep in mind when purchasing a gear motor for your facility:


Power conversion ratio

The output of a motor is determined by a number of factors, among them the power conversion ratio. This determines the overall efficiency of the motor in translating the power input to the rotational throughput on the shaft. Modern gear motor designs have more energy saving casings, which provides power conversion ratios and standardized performance metrics.


Output torque

The torque on the revolving shaft of a motor plays a critical role in defining the amount of load it can handle. As a critical consideration, the motor selected should have the required torque to match your design and use specifications. The motor should offer you a range of capabilities like an effective number of rotations per minute (rpm) to match the application requirements.


Power consumption

Different motors have different power consumption needs. As a result, your enterprise should gauge the requirements of the process and the limitation of your facility. For the best results, ensure that the power consumption is low while torque and power conversion ratios are high.


While these general guidelines will help your business determine the right gear motor for most project specifications, Bauer GMC offers a wide selection of motors as well as established technical knowledge and consulting. Our technical experts can provide in-depth advice and information on any motor or project.


At Bauer, we take pride in leading the industry with quality gear, technical expertise and partnerships with reputable manufacturers like Danfoss and Eberhard. We can provide modern and efficient gear motors, installations and customization services, as well as repairs and upgrades on existing machinery.


Contact Bauer GMC today to learn more about our gear motor stock and professional services.