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Alternating Current Motors and Danfoss Drive Boost

July 14, 2016

One third of the world that is consuming energy is mainly due to machines that work using a running induction motor that is equipped with Danfoss drives. An AC induction motor is considered to be an asynchronous type of motor and may be equipped with Danfoss drives. The operation of the AC induction motor is boosted by implementation of Danfoss drives, but is also highly dependent on three electromagnetic occurrences – motor action, rotating field and transformer action, which will be discussed below:

  • Motor action occurs when an iron rod or any other type of magnetic material floats on a magnetic field, enabling it to rotate freely. If the magnetic field, on the other hand, is not static but moves or rotates, then the iron rod will move together with the moving field in order to stay in its position.
  • Rotating field occurs when the fixed stator pole is driven using an alternating current with different phase or supply that has an alternating current. A rotating magnetic field is then created by the driven pole.
  • Transformer action happens when the current that is present in the rotor windings is injected from the current that is present in the stator windings. This process does not require a direct connection present between the power sources going to the rotating windings. The induction motor is also treated as an alternating current transformer that is equipped with rotating secondary winding.