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AC Gear Motor Vs. DC Gear Motor - Which One Do You Need?

May 25, 2016

How do you know which motor to choose for your particular case? Will you choose an AC gear motor that provides alternating current or a DC gear motor that delivers direct current? Below are five factors that you should take into consideration when choosing between the two.

  • Speed Control: AC gear motor technology has been upgraded to approximate the speed control capabilities of DC gear motors.
  • Cost: AC gear motors are generally cheaper than the DC. The price difference is not as significant today as it had been a couple of decades ago because the AC motor has advanced to approximate what the DC motors can do. But when it comes down to cost, AC is still the cheaper option today.
  • Environment: AC gear motors are durable and easily maintained. It does not break easily and so does not need regular reparation. What’s more, an AC motor is much more resistant to harsh environmental conditions than a DC motor. The DC tends to get somewhat sensitive in wet and humid conditions. A well manufactured AC, however, is much more comfortable in this kind of environment.
  • Maintenance: Since an AC gear motor is not easily damaged, it is also easy to maintain. As it can withstand high pressure and force, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on maintenance.
  • Work Capacity: AC motors are now upgraded to the point that they can approximate the capacities of DC motors. Some work remains exclusive to DC motors, however. Even though AC motors are sufficient, they may not be compatible with heavy-duty situations.

To make sure that you buy the motor that will deliver the best results in your situation, consider the particularities of your application in combination with the factors listed above.