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AC Gear Motor Maintanance

October 30, 2017

Maintaining an AC gear motor is easy to do. While repair is another matter, maintenance is simple enough.  In order to keep the motor in good working condition, the following steps need to be taken each day before operating the AC gear motor.

  1. Alignment. Because an AC gear motor has gears, keeping these gears aligned is top priority. Any misalignment of any of the gears can lead to inefficiency or worse, gear breakdown. Another check to be made is on the gear splines. Determining any cracks on the splines or worse, any gear teeth broken off, can lead to performance issues of the gear. Any gear failing may lead to AC gear motor in the long run.

  2. Lubrication.  Lubrication helps in making the gears turn. It also helps keep temperatures manageable as the gears turn in the AC gear motor. Without any lubrication, metal on metal parts would grind leading to friction between them. This in turn would result in metal fatigue and temperatures affecting the metal’s integrity. Thus it is important to keep the AC gear motor well oiled. After six months, it is best to change the oil of the whole motor in order to remove any contaminants that can lead to problems in gear operation.

  3. Electricals. Electricity makes the AC gear motor run. Knowing the current that is supplied would avoid any motor being burned by incompatible electrical current. Checking the wires as well as the connections ensures that no breakdowns occur. Exposed wires should always be taken care of, avoiding current spiking and breakdown.

Maintenance is simply the act of checking the condition of the equipment to avoid any issues during operation. Thus, checking the alignment of the gears, checking the lubrication of the gears as well as the condition of the electrical wiring is always a step in the right direction. These simple steps would only help in making the AC gear motor work efficiently and effectively in the long run.