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A Quick Overview of Our Gearmotor Models

July 14, 2020

Every time there is a need for equipment or machine to exert a high amount of force to move a heavy object, it is most likely that a gearmotor is at work. A perfect example would be a crane that uses special types of gearmotors that utilize a very low rotational speed to produce a high amount of torque or force. No matter how powerful the force employed in cranes is, the working principle of these motors is pretty much the same. However, the brand of motor you use is important, as that can help determine its energy-efficiency and over reliability.


As the preferred and most trusted source for high-quality and reliable geared motor solutions, every Bauer product is backed by over eight decades of great experience behind our name. Our line of cutting edge motors feature the newest innovations in energy efficiency, gear design, and compactness. Each of our models are locally assembled and come in a wide range of torque and speed options to meet your exact needs.


To give you a better idea of our variety of products, here is a quick overview of our different lines of motors.


BF Series: any Bauer product falling under this category boasts new standards for affordability, efficiency, and reliability. The units in this series feature cutting edge components that boost better performance, such as hollow shafts in the smallest sizes.


BG Series: units under this series are known for being the most economical. They are one of our bestsellers, featuring a wide range of applications and user-friendliness.


BK Series: this model is ideal as all-rounder because of the great flexibility of the units. You can use it for multiple applications thanks to the durability of the three-phase bevelled gears they utilize that work quietly yet efficiently.


BS Series: Bauer gearmotor units within this series are perfect for tight applications. If space is an issue, this is the unit for you.


BM Series: items in this series are mostly applied for electric overhead conveyors because of their unique design and features.


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