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A Guide To Silent Gear Motors

October 05, 2022

Gearmotors are noisy, period! However, surprisingly, it is not always the case. Many applications need quiet gearmotors. These motors operate near people without the latter detecting their presence. Quiet or low decibel gear motors are used in hospitals for the comfort of the patients, in a theatre where people come to enjoy a movie or a show, in military operations where stealth is the key and many more. These motors that operate with little to no sound are a bit different than their conventional counterparts. 

An introduction to quiet gearmotors

An electric motor produces noise due to various reasons like the meshing of the teeth, vibration of the gearbox, or the operating sound resonating through the casing among others. So to eliminate it, it is important to talk to your manufacturer regarding the requirements and applications. Silent gear motors can only be produced if the manufacturers have a clear idea of their applications. Listed below are the key factors that determine the efficiency of quiet gearmotor operation.

Contact ratio:
The contact ratio is the average number of teeth in contact during the operation. It usually varies between 1.2 to 1.8 in most motors. This is why helical and spiral bevel gears produce less noise as they have a total contact ratio above 2.0. 

Fine machining and grinding:
The rotation and the speed of a motor and its components play a crucial role in noise generation. Ensuring fine machining and grinding during the manufacturing guarantees smoothness and accurate profiles. This results in a smooth and low-sound operation.

Optimal tuning of the gearbox components:
Tuning all the components of the gearbox will reduce the vibrations that occur during the operation. Optimal tuning of the components will guarantee low gear resonance and as a result, noiseless operation. Tuning also helps avoid mesh stiffness and correct any manufacturing or assembling errors. 

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