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A Deeper Look At Torque and The AC Motor

December 12, 2018

While a DC and AC motor work the same in converting electrical into mechanical energy, they are built, controlled, and powered differently. The most obvious distinction is their power source. DC motors are powered by a direct current while an AC motor is powered by an alternating current. AC motors are preferred for their increased efficiency and power output while DC motors are ideal for their output and speed control.


An AC motor has a number of different applications and proves to be widely useful to a variety of industries.


An AC motor comes in either a single-phase or three-phase configuration while a DC motor comes in exclusively a single-phase configuration. When it comes to construction, DC motors are made with a commutator and brushes while AC motors don’t have brushes, making them rugged with a long lifespan.


AC motors have several components, including a stator and a rotor. The energy that it generates comes from the magnetic fields which are produced by the coils around the output shaft. It has been a viable solution for numerous power generation needs due to its efficiency, flexibility and durability. It comes in two different types and can be used for a wide range of applications such as water heaters, and food service pumps.


There are two types of AC motors:


  • Induction: This kind of AC motor consists of two electrical assemblies: the rotor assembly and the wound stator. They are considered to be the most rugged yet simplest electric motor available, and are the one of the most commonly used motors in the world. The energy needed to operate the rotor is produced through electromagnetic induction made by the stator winding.
  • Synchronous: As its name suggests, the synchronous motor rotates with the same rate as its supply current. It consists of synchronous motors, a rotor, and a stator, and is used in variety of applications.