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6 Ways To Improve The Operation of Gear Reducers

September 20, 2022

Gear reducers are gearboxes used to change a motor's speed or torque. By changing the gear ratio, gear reducers can increase or decrease the speed of the motor, as well as the amount of torque it produces. Many components can affect the functioning and longevity of your gear reducers. Check out some tips in this blog post that can help improve the operation of your gear reducer.

How to improve gear reducer operation

Make sure the gearbox is properly lubricated:
Proper lubrication is vital. Your gear motor can malfunction without proper lubrication as it increases friction, leading to wear and tear. You will also have to make sure all components are properly aligned.

Keep the gearbox clean and free of debris:
Motor gears often function in dusty and dirty environments. While the machine is protected by a cabinet, it is still susceptible to dirt, dust and small debris over the long run. The dirt and debris accumulated over time can negatively impact the gear reducer's overall function. Make sure you take time to clean them regularly. 

Inspect the gearbox regularly for wear and tear:
One must also check the gearbox periodically for any signs of wear and tear, and replace any worn parts as necessary. Failing to identify basic wear and tear might result in huge problems later.

Avoid shock-loading the gearbox:
Shock loading means imposing a forced start or stop of the gear train. It can also happen when a heavy load is suddenly applied to rotating gears. Avoid this to ensure better operation and avoid internal damages.

Reduce operating temperatures when possible:
Electric gear motors often function without a break. Turning them off or giving them enough cooling periods will ensure their longevity and reduced downtime.

Use proper gear reduction ratios for your application:
Calculate the required gear reduction ratios to avoid shock-loading. This is one of the most significant and effective ways to prevent wear and tear of the gear reducers.

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