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6 Common Applications of Variable Speed Drive

October 20, 2022

A variable speed drive (VSD) is a significant part of any machine. It is responsible for driving an electric motor by controlling the voltage and frequency. VSDs help save large amounts of energy, maintenance costs and waste. Read this blog to learn some of the most common applications.

Popular applications of variable speed drive

Crane and hoist machines:
Variable speed drives are utilized in asynchronous motors in hoist machines and crane applications. This helps in achieving nearly 90% efficiency when it comes to lifting heavy weights.

VSDs are used in treadmills along with an AC motor to facilitate the easy flow of power during frequent torque changes. Hence, they have replaced traditional DC motors and guarantee better durability.

This is arguably the most popular application of a variable-speed drive. VSDs in ACs help regulate the temperature. Additionally, they also play a massive role in being environment-friendly by reducing carbon emissions and saving energy.

Thermal power plant:
Thermal power plants use asynchronous motors constantly. Medium voltage VSDs or VFDs are used to restructure the water supply pumps for better precision and energy savings. VSDs alter the speed of the motor as per the water required for the operation. They do this by controlling the amount of energy used.

Oil industry:
The oil industry relies largely on speed motor drives to pump oil. The application of VSDs has helped this industry in tackling the power consumption issues that vary with load size. They also facilitate increased frequency range, accuracy and dynamic response.

The use of variable speed drives in irrigation pumping help cut costs. VSDs are usually placed in a motor in connection with the curve of the irrigation pump.

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