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5 Unique Properties of Worm Gearmotors

January 27, 2022

A plethora of machines across various industries use the versatile and highly efficient gearbox. For the uninitiated, a gearbox is a kind of drive mechanism that can effectively change torque and speed to suit a particular function. It can be used to either reduce speed and increase torque, or vice versa. Moreover, gearboxes can be classified into many different types, one of the most popular among them being worm gear motors. Basically, a common worm gear is composed of two sections that are placed at a 90-degree angle to each other, promising high efficiency and low energy consumption. But what are the salient features of this type of gear motor?


To answer this question, here are 5 important properties of worm gear motors.


  • Among the plenty of benefits that this gear motor offers, one of the most well-known properties is its ability to provide high proportion speed reduction in many applications. Especially in situations where efficient gear reduction is critical, worm gear motors are the best choice to increase torque or reduce speed. Moreover, these gears are also specially chosen due to their amazing meshing precision and adequacy.
  • In addition, whenever a limited space is a huge concern, the unique shape of worm gears enables them to be flexible and adaptable, making them highly effective and compact.
  • Another unique property of a worm gear motor is its ability to stop machines rapidly, which is critical in many locomotive devices.
  • The same goes for applications when shock loading is crucial. Worm gears are made with soft metals that can absorb the vibrations of a sudden shock, causing less damage to the machine.
  • Lastly, in situations where noisy operation becomes a hassle, a worm gear turns out to be the perfect solution. This is why elevators, air terminals and most types of machinery that require discreet operation use worm gear motors.

In the end, these properties and desirable design features make a worm gear motor a preferred option for various applications. Consequently, they are used almost everywhere from ships and trucks to small machines and equipment. 

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