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5 Reasons To Opt For Hollow Shaft Gear Motors

May 09, 2024
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Gearmotors play a critical role in numerous industrial applications. Moreover, there are different types of gearmotors to choose from, such as AC motors, helical gear motors, hollow shaft gear motors and more. Coming to hollow shaft gear motors, this type of gearmotor features a hollowed shaft instead of a solid shaft. This distinction gives it an edge over its counterparts. To elaborate further, here are 5 advantages of hollow shaft gear motors.

Merits Of Hollow Shaft Gear Motors

Increased Mounting Flexibility

In compact spaces, mounting flexibility becomes a great plus point for a gearmotor, and a hollow shaft offers this flexibility. Moreover, it can be installed in applications where it is not physically feasible to add a solid shaft.

Lightweight Operation

Due to the hollow nature of the shaft, it is evidently more lightweight than its solid counterpart. This means easy installation and operation, as the reduction in weight makes it easier to mount and maintain. Therefore, in the aerospace sector, where weight reduction is a priority, these gear motors find prominent use.

Enhanced Torque Generation

Hollow shaft gear motors can produce more torque by design. Therefore, they are perfect for applications wherein higher energy demand is desired. 

Superior Durability

Damage faced due to shocks and vibrations is a major concern for many gearmotor shafts. Hence, any design that negates these concerns offers a major advantage. Hollow shaft gearmotors meet these design demands as they are more resistant to shocks. Therefore, they are ideal in both high-energy scenarios and challenging environments.

Better Noise Reduction

Lastly, hollow shaft gearmotors produce less noise than solid shaft motors. This makes them perfect for conditions where sound sensitivity is a major concern.

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