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5 Major Parts and Components of Gear Motors

August 30, 2022

Gear motors are machines used to adjust the speed of electric motors. They are considered one of the most crucial elements of the mechanical industry. There are many different gear motors on the market, some with their own unique set of parts and components. However, most gear motors will have the same combination of parts and components. Check them out below.

Various Parts and Components of Gear Motors

The casing is very important in gear motors as it houses all the other components. The casing must be strong enough to contain the mechanical stress of the gears while also protecting the gears from outside forces. A casing is usually made from high-strength materials such as steel or aluminum. 

Gear trains:
Gear trains play an important role in gear motors. They transfer the power from the input shaft to the output shaft. Gear trains are made up of a series of gears that mesh together. When one gear turns, it forces the adjacent gear to turn as well, allowing the gear motor to function.

Input & output shafts:
The input shaft is responsible for transferring power from the power source (usually an electric motor) to the gear train. On the other hand, an output shaft is responsible for powering the load. They are critical components of gear motors and must be able to withstand the high levels of stress placed on them.

Bearings support and reduce friction in the gear train. Without bearings, the gear train would grind against the housing, causing excessive wear and tear on the gears. Bearings also help to reduce friction, which makes the gear motor run more smoothly.

Gear motors often have sealants to keep contaminants from entering the gear train and causing damage. Contaminants can include dirt, dust, water, or other particles that can cause excessive wear and tear on the gears.

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