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5 Machines That Cannot Operate Without a High-Quality AC Drive

March 23, 2021

Industry professionals call an electric motor an AC drive because they're plugged into compatible and surge-proof AC sockets, and they can deliver exceptional torque and motion. You might not know it, but every day, you're surrounded by these motors of varying shapes and sizes.

Here are five machines that require an AC drive:

Pipeline Compressors

Petroleum and liquid processing compressors use an AC drive to deliver the necessary torque driving a compressor's blades, fans, valves, or key components. Because of electricity's convenient access and reduced messiness, AC drives play a crucial role in torque-oriented machines.

Industrial Fans and Compressors

Like pipeline compressors, industrial fans and general-use compressors use an adequately-powered AC drive to deliver sufficient torque. Doing so achieves optimal operations, allowing factories to safely dissipate sediments outside and use their tools with proper air compression.


The small vents, dedicated CPUs, and graphics processing unit (GPU) fans on computers use micro-sized AC motors to generate torque to create airflow in your computer unit. Even the machine's power supply has a dedicated fan to remove excess heat from the computer set.

Vacuum Cleaner

To create a vacuum, you'll need strong and stable inverse torque. In this light, AC motors with sufficient weight and purpose-oriented performance play a crucial role in its function. Top-notch motors, such as those that Bauer GMC manufactures and distributes, are your best options.

Jackhammers and Drills

Construction and development projects use drills that require massive torque to deliver the necessary force for its function. These specialized compressors use powerful AC drives to deliver exceptional functionality.

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