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5 Common Causes Of AC Motor Malfunction

June 12, 2024
AC Motor Distributors In Mississauga

An AC motor is an integral part of many industries such as food production, material handling, and more. These gear motors work via alternating current (AC), making them more durable and effective than their DC counterparts. However, they can still fail or malfunction over time. Here are the 5 most probable reasons for AC motor failure.

Causes Of AC Motor Malfunction


Due to constant operation, an AC motor is susceptible to overheating. When this happens, the winding insulation erodes over time, eventually leading to a short circuit. The motor must be cooled appropriately to remedy this, or else it can face complete failure.

Excessive Vibration

Some vibration is common and to be expected during AC motor operation. However, if the motor is not supported properly, it can lead to excessive vibration, which in turn leads to the breaking down of winding insulation. The end result is the same as overheating, the gear motor ends up failing due to a short circuit.

Unchecked Corrosion

Prolonged exposure to the elements and a lack of basic maintenance can lead to extensive corrosion. This eventually corrodes and damages the motor windings, leading to complete motor failure.

Dust And Debris Accumulation

Akin to corrosion, a lack of basic maintenance and cleaning can lead to a significant build-up of dust and debris. Consequently, this will cause the AC motor to overheat and eventually break down due to the excessive heat.

Improper Lubrication

Lubrication is key to avoiding overheating and gear damage in an AC gear motor. However, it should be optimal, neither too little nor too much, as in either case, it can lead to malfunction and damage the gear motor permanently. 

Therefore, by addressing these concerns, manufacturers can avoid AC motor malfunctions and failures in most cases. For more tips on how to prolong the life of an AC motor, reach out to us at Bauer GMC today. With decades of expertise, our technical knowledge is reflected in our truly state-of-the-art products and services. To learn more about our product catalog, reach out to us today.