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4 Ways to Properly Maintain AC Motors

November 04, 2020

An AC motor plays an integral role in many manufacturing and fabrication processes. Thanks to their oil-less functionality, it's easier to supply them with enough power than their counterparts. Like any properly-functioning machine, their maintenance ensures their long-term performance.


Here are four accurate ways to help you maintain your motor correctly.


Dust, Debris and Excessive Oils

Over time, dust and debris will settle and clog the bearings and other mechanical parts of an AC motor. It's essential that technicians inspect and clean the motor of any dust and debris caking in its different areas. Additionally, make sure to check if any oil has begun to leak in different engine areas. 


Oil Level in Bearings

The ball and roller bearings of an AC motor require sufficient lubrication to deliver smooth performance. Technicians must examine these areas for proper oil levels. If the motor works daily but has insufficient grease and lubrication, the friction will shorten its lifespan and performance. It's essential to keep oil levels in check at all times. 


Check All Aspect of Electronics

Malfunctioning switches, poor connections, and problematic fuses all contribute to troublesome motor functionality. Furthermore, added electronic issues could cause machines to fail and break down unpredictably throughout the day. If your technicians cannot handle in-depth electronics inspections, you can have professional technicians from distributors, such as Bauer GMC, to help you. 


Renew Bearings Grease and Test Insulation

Every year, it's crucial to have all bearings and components undergo an oil and lubricant renewal. All ball and roller bearings will work better with pure and uncontaminated lubricant oil and will prolong its lifespan. Furthermore, always test the machine's insulation to prevent any overheating issues, causing machine breakdowns. 


Bauer GMC manufactures and supplies only the best motors for all your needs. When your motor is reaching its peak, we can help you choose from a wide range of replacements that can take your activities to the next level. Contact us today!