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4 Ways to Find the Perfect AC Motor for Your Operations

July 28, 2020

An AC motor is essential for many commercial and industrial manufacturers today. These machines pull conveyor belts, ensure bandsaw performance consistency for metal fabrication companies, and handle food processing in the best, most hygienic way possible. However, selecting the best option for your daily routines can be difficult.


Here are four accurate ways to find the perfect motor for your operations:


Materials You'll Be Processing

Most AC motor manufacturers create light, stainless steel-made gear drives for food processing and production facilities. Meat and vegetables are light materials that require less strength to process. However, sanitation, consistency, and corrosion resistance are premium features any food processor will want their AC motors to have, which Bauer GMC can provide. 


Power-To-Capability Ratio

It's easy to find machines that have high power. However, food production does not require increased torque levels to process materials. Another process like cement mixing doesn’t require tremendous strength nor sanitation to achieve its objective. Therefore, it's vital to find a machine that performs adequately and consumes just enough electricity to provide consistent results.


Brand-New or Upgraded Aged Machines

It's ideal to find a brand new AC motor. Unfortunately, this motor can be too expensive for many businesses. Thankfully, Bauer GMC and other reputable gear drive manufacturers upgrade the performance of old but fully functional machines. You can acquire high-performing motor products at a lower price! 


Exceptional Manufacturers

Lastly, the best way you can find the most efficient machines with exceptional performance is to find dependable manufacturers. If you have yet to find one, you can count on Bauer GMC to help you find the best machines today.


You Won't Need to Look Far To Find the Best Electromotor for Your Operations

Bauer GMC has been supplying local industries with the best electric motors and other gear drives for their operations. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!