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4 Steps to Keep Your Variable Speed Drive in Excellent Working Condition

December 03, 2020

Owners of variable speed drives should check on their machine’s performance at least once a year. VSDs are low-maintenance equipment, which requires fewer mechanical inspections, but plenty of electronics and connectivity maintenance.


Technicians can perform these maintenance routines to enhance the lifespan and dependability of your machines:


Use Compressed Air

A variable speed drive always contends with plenty of dust and debris. Suppose the machine is working in an extremely dusty or debris-filled environment. In that case, it's crucial to use compressed air to clean it daily or even twice daily to prolong its lifespan and have exceptional performance. Compressed air from high-quality compressors or air cans can do the job correctly. 


Proper Connection and Electronics Maintenance

Thermal cameras are handy when adjusting the torque connections of a variable speed drive. While these are expensive equipment, they're crucial in helping your technicians figure out the hottest connections conveniently. Most VSDs will indicate technical issues through underpowered operations during maintenance. 


No-Disassembly Internal Inspections

Using a bright light source, technicians can check the VSD's overall condition. Only allow professional and licensed manufacturer-certified technicians to disassemble and inspect your unit, which is a service you need every 3-5 years. A good flashlight is enough to check the debris levels and connections of your machine. 


Cooling Fan and Main Bus Capacitor Replacements

Certified technicians from dependable distributors can disassemble your machines to perform inspections and possible cooling fan and primary bus capacitor replacements. Truthfully, main bus capacitors need replacements after seven years for either part failure or enhanced performance.


Get the Best Technicians on The Job For Speedy and Fast Maintenance

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