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4 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Helical Gear Motors

January 03, 2022

Helical gear motors are invaluable components that are used in a variety of machines. Known for delivering exceptional torque, these motors also operate silently, making them an extremely reliable piece of equipment. However, even the best-manufactured gear motors will yield to wear and tear over time. 


Here are four clear signs that you need to replace your helical gear motors.

Burning Smell

Machinists working with your helical gear motors are well aware of their daily operations, including vibration and machine noise. Due to constant operation, all motors emit a distinct odour when they’re worn out that your employees will immediately recognize. Hence, if it is an abnormal burning scent, then it’s a clear sign that the gear motor's internal parts or electric components have worn out. 


Abnormal Noises

Helical gear motors emit extremely low noise thanks to their compact physical size and short gears. Therefore, if they emit extreme noise, then it’s a warning sign that they require an inspection right away. These are indications of loose parts and fittings inside the motor, which require the attention of repair specialists to prevent further wear and tear. 


Irregular Torque Variation

Variable speed helical motors are helpful in many applications thanks to their capability to increase and decrease torque with ease. Unfortunately, even the best gear motors can lose their efficiency and become worn out over time. Thus, if your gear motor’s torque levels are varying at an abnormal rate, then it's likely time to replace it.


Presence of Metal Shavings

If your employees do not hear abnormal grinding or knocking noises but come across metal shavings during maintenance and equipment re-oiling, then it's evident that your helical gear motor has run through its lifespan and it’s best to get it replaced. 


Thus, if you are ever in doubt regarding the functioning of your gear motor, then look for these 4 telltale signs.


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