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4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gear Motor Drive

January 06, 2021

Your gear motor drive is the deliverer of the higher levels of torque your machines need. If they aren't working efficiently, then your productivity levels can slow down or even stop if your staff cannot resolve a failing drive's issues as fast as possible.


Here are the four clearest signs it's time to replace your drives to optimize your productivity.


Gear Teeth Have Become Worn Out

The clearest sign that it's time to replace your gear motor drive is if its spur gears have become pointed. When the spurs become worn and pointy, they allow for "wiggle" room that does not transmit torque efficiently across the entire gear system. To avoid this, always apply enough gear oil to prevent accelerated wear outs.


Shaft Bending

A helical or spur gear can apply excessive torque against other components that it might have caused bending due to prolonged use. In addition to shaft bending, teeth bending or dislocating is a regular phenomenon. These are all signs to replace your gear motor drive shaft or the motor itself as soon as possible.


Signs of Surface Fatigue

Pitting is common when the teeth of other gears clash and come in contact in uneven rows. You'll see abrasions, scuffing, or polishing in some areas. If your gear motor drives and shafts are more than a decade old, it's common to see surface fatigue. Once again, gear-lubricating oil can help prevent this.


Loud Noises during Operation

If you hear clunking or thudding sounds once you start the motor drive, make sure to stop it immediately. Next, make to check if you're operating beyond the load-bearing capacity of your motor drive and the machine itself. Make sure to check lubrication levels as well. Loud noises are a critical sign for motor drive replacement.


Make Sure Your Gear Drives Are In Top Shape Always

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