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4 Prominent Applications Of Worm Gear Motors

July 08, 2024
Quality Worm Gear Motor Suppliers In Mississauga Ontario

Among the numerous types of gear motors available in the market, there is also a niche for specialized gear motors. One such specialized gear motor is the worm gear motor. How do worm gear motors serve numerous industries? Here are 4 applications of these gear motors.

Applications Of Worm Gear Motors

Fast Stopping Applications

Due to their design, worm gear motors have the capability to stop quickly. This makes them highly useful in applications such as lifts, hoists, and elevators. Hence, they are used as a secondary brake or combined with a smaller brake. However, it can’t be used solely as a brake.

Noise Reduction

Typically, gear motors are quite loud during operation. However, worm gear motors are incredibly effective in reducing noise during operation. This is mainly because of the sliding engagement of the gear teeth in the worm drives which is quite smooth and silent. This makes them a staple in theatres, elevators, and airports where noise reduction is prioritized.

Space Constraint Applications

One of the biggest advantages of a worm gear motor is its ability to operate smoothly in a very small space. This makes them invaluable in circumstances where space constraints make other gear motors useless. An excellent example is the packaging and manufacturing sector, which uses small motors for conveyors and machinery. Hence, worm gear motors perfectly fit the bill here.

Shock Absorption

Sudden shocks and vibrations can adversely impact a gear motor. Worm gear motors are more adept at shock absorption as they are made of softer metals. Hence, they can absorb sudden shocks and vibrations much more easily, or have a tolerance towards them at the very least. Therefore, they are also used in heavy machinery where shocks are probable.

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