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4 Merits Of Using An AC Gear Motor

August 17, 2021

In the ever-evolving world of industrial manufacturing, most organizations strive towards efficiency. More and more machines are designed to deliver maximum output with minimal energy expenditure. AC gear motors are such already established tools that stay true to this ideal. 

This article lists out some of the most fundamental advantages of using an AC gear motor, which combines a gear reducer and a motor to deliver astonishing results.

Why Use AC Gear Motors

Higher Torque

For machinery which requires higher torque, this assembly is a dream come true. When compared to a regular motor, this machine produces torque at an exponentially higher rate. The reason for this significant increase in output is due to its design, where a standard motor's torque gets multiplied by the setup's gear ratio and efficiency. 

Reduction in Size

For complicated machines featuring multiple motors and drive trains, AC Gear Motor is the perfect fit. Since its torque output is so massive, a much smaller motor can replace a much larger standard motor, saving space and energy at the same time. This especially comes in handy while designing new machines where compactness is highly valued.

Increased Rigidity

These types of motors are mainly used to produce more torque, hence significant variations in forces can be expected. Fortunately, this motor has better rigidity as well as stability compared to its standard counterpart, making it more resilient to torsional forces. 

Rapid Increase in Radial and Axial Load

The gear motor is designed in such a way that it can produce way more load along its axis and its radius. In fact, when compared to a regular motor, the radial load is almost four times higher, whereas the axial load also doubles in output. This clear disparity in output blows non-geared motors right out of the water. 

To sum it up, AC gear motors are a class apart when it comes to producing higher torques. Although regular motors still have their purpose, the former is the best choice as far as operating large industrial machinery is concerned.  

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