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4 Major Advantages of Using a Gear Reducer

February 07, 2022

Gears are an integral part of almost all kinds of complex machinery. While there are different gear configurations, it is vital to arrange them and assemble them in specific ways to achieve particular results. In cases where there is a requirement for a transmission device, a gear reducer is used. These highly versatile devices are used to transmit power from a motor to a driven load, and they can be used to manipulate torque and speed. Serving an important function in many systems, they offer a plethora of benefits for the user. 

Here are 4 major benefits of using gear reducers.

Torque Multiplication

For devices that require rapid acceleration, the importance of torque can’t be overstated. To achieve this, gear reducers are one of the best options, as they can exponentially increase torque based on the number of gears in the system and the number of teeth in each of these gears. For example, an engine with a torque of 100 lb-in can increase its torque fivefold by using a gear reducer with a 5:1 reduction ratio. 

Speed Reduction

In many gear reducers, the increase in torque is inversely proportional to the speed. Thus, in systems where there is a requirement for rapid speed reduction, these devices can turn out to be extremely useful. Just like the increase in torque, the decrease in output speed can also be determined using the reduction ratio.

Inertia Reduction

In order to deal with size constraints, many motors are designed to generate more torque than is acceptable for their frame size. As a result, the load inertia might increase significantly, leading to an increase in settling time for a motor, consequently reducing its efficiency. This inertial mismatch can be easily handled by a gear reducer. A gearbox system with a relatively low gear ratio can significantly reduce load inertia, as it is proportional to the inverse square of the gear ratio.


In order to achieve high torque, low speeds, and an increased capability to handle inertial loads, manufacturers require significantly large motors, which are difficult and expensive to make. Conversely, gear reducers can achieve all these goals with a much smaller motor, thereby driving down the cost of production. 

Due to these 4 compelling reasons, gear reducers are used extensively in many industrial sectors.

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