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4 Industries That Rely On High-Quality Hollow Shaft Gearmotors

September 07, 2021

Drives such as hollow shaft gearmotors, helical gear drives, and other electric and gas-powered machinery play a big role in modern manufacturing and processing operations. If you're a part of the industrial market, then realizing the advantages of this motor can really help your operations.


Here are four industries where hollow shaft gearmotors play a huge role.

Food Processing

Automated meat processing plants use a conveyor system to transport food into the different sections of the facility. These conveyors use hollow shaft gearmotors to power the entire belt, which improves their overall operational logistics, as these motors are often compact in nature. Thus, smaller motor systems can perform at the same level as a regular motor, saving space and energy.

Postal Service

Local post offices often use manual conveyor belts to transport small letters and packages from different floors and areas of their sorting facility. However, advanced facilities often choose to use hollow shaft gearmotors to power conveyor belts, especially if they're dealing with a huge amount of letters and packages to save time. This is mainly due to the easy maintenance process of hollow shaft gear motors, which can be cleaned and reattached without any hassle. 

Lightweight Assembly Lines

Toys, ceramics, and other lightweight product manufacturers use automated assembly lines for greater precision and quality assurance. Hollow shaft motors play a crucial role in ensuring the conveyors move smoothly, as the hollow shaft ensures that all parts rotate at equal speeds. 

Electronic Manufacturing Plants

Electronic manufacturing also requires lightweight gear motors to automate conveyor belt movement. Because of the tight deadlines and en masse orders, most electronics manufacturers use sensors that work together with motors to maximize their automation and precision potential. The flexibility of hollow shaft gear motors makes this a possibility, for it is extremely versatile in terms of usage. This, combined with its durability makes it an excellent choice. 

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