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4 Industries that Benefit from Variable Speed Drive Technology

November 11, 2020

Variable speed drive technology will remain necessary for heavy industries and companies in the long run. Their adjustable electro-mechanical drive systems make them invaluable in many applications. Furthermore, many industries benefit from a variable gear motor's capabilities.


If your business is in one of these markets, it's vital for you to have top-quality equipment.


Food Processing and Production

Industries that handle food quartering, mincing, and overall processing, will look for solutions that improve their outputs to meet the increasing demands of their markets. With a variable speed drive, companies won't need to worry about maintenance, efficiency, and hygiene. They can achieve this result if they work with manufacturers, such as Bauer GMC, to find the perfect gear drive for their processes.



High torque and adjustable speeds will remain a necessity for mining machines and companies. In their daily operations, workers have to remove and reduce varying sizes of rocks, debris, and other materials. Mining requires a robust set of variable speed drive technologies that enable them to improve their performance, reduce risks of accidents, and output.


Metal Fabrication

Conveyor belts, band saws and saws, and other tools in metal fabrication and processing facilities require gear drives to achieve results without faltering or deviation. Variable frequency drives make it easy for specialists to adjust cutting speeds according to material requirements. Proper gear drive maintenance will help ensure upgraded operational cost-efficiency.



Vehicle parts manufacturing and car assembly factories require top-quality gear drives with adjustable capabilities for effective production. AC gear motors can handle higher levels of torque needed to pull, grind, cut, and process heavy materials.


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