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4 Fundamental Types of Gear Reducers

April 06, 2022

Most complex types of machinery in the world that use gears will most certainly use gear reducers or gearboxes. These highly versatile devices essentially alter speed and torque, by increasing one and inversely reducing the other as per requirement. The many uses and advantages of these devices have been discussed in detail. Now, it’s time to examine the different types of gearboxes. 

Here are the 4 most commonly used gear reducers.

Planetary Gear Reducer

Featuring a coaxial assembly, planetary gearboxes are known for their compact structure, low clearance, extreme efficiency and impressive torque to weight ratio. However, due to their complex mechanism, they are quite complicated to make and maintain, thereby making them a bit expensive. That being said, they are extremely useful in scenarios that require rapid acceleration or where torque and low speed are desired.

Worm Gear Reducer

Almost as compact as their planetary counterparts, if not more, in the case of this gearbox, the input and output shaft are perpendicular to one another. This configuration ensures a non-reversible mechanism for the gearbox, thereby adding a layer of security against malfunctioning. However, due to its compact design and low vibrations and little to no noise generation, worm gear reducers tend to overheat, which might affect their performance. 

Gear Train Gear Reducer

A more primitive but extremely effective technology compared to the two above, this type of gearbox features parallel shafts, which generates a lot of power, but compromises the compactness department. As a result, they are best used in conveyor systems and other such massive machinery. However, the major upside is the minimal maintenance cost. 

Bevel Gear Reducer

For applications that require serious power, compactness and little to no noise, bevel gearboxes are the best choice. Featuring a bell crank, this type of gear reducer allows the user to change the axis of rotation, thereby making them incredibly efficient. Moreover, they also have high torque and are extremely efficient. The only downside is the high manufacturing cost and expensive maintenance, as it is the most complicated gearboxes of the four.

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