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4 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Variable Speed Drive

February 24, 2022

In applications where it is vital to control the speed of the motor, nothing works as well as a variable speed drive (VSD). However, not all VSD devices are the same, and finding the right motor controller can be a daunting task because of the various variables that have to be taken into consideration. That being said, if a few fundamental factors are clear, then choosing a quality VSD becomes a simple task. 

To help you further, here are 4 fundamental factors that you should consider.


While it is vital to determine the size of the drive with respect to the motor that it will control, figuring out the horsepower of the load is also a great way to look for a quality VSD for your application. From there, you can then further narrow down your options by considering other variables.


Knowing the voltage is easier in the case of a three-phase input by matching the voltage of the drive and motor to any available voltage on site. For low voltage applications, the range generally varies from 208 V to 480 V. For high voltage applications, it is best to ask the experts of the drive technology to get the right answer. 

Full Load Amperage

Getting the full load amperage or FLA is one of the most crucial considerations when choosing a VSD. For the uninitiated, FLA can be defined as the maximum amount of current that a motor can draw for a particular horsepower. To appropriately use this metric for drive selection, you have to make a comparison of the FLA of the motor you are using with the amp ratings of every drive you are going to use. Furthermore, it is recommended that in spite of the initial cost, you should purchase a drive with a higher FLA rating, for it will eventually pay off in the long run in terms of performance and reliability. 

Type of Load 

Lastly, you have to determine whether your drive application needs a constant torque or a variable torque. When the device or machine being driven is centrifugal like a fan or pump, then a variable torque drive will be a better option as it offers the greatest energy savings.

With these 4 fundamental factors taken care of, you can now select a VSD that is best suited for your application. 

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