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4 Effective Methods to Improve Your AC Motor's Performance

January 22, 2021

An AC motor is integral for many appliances because of its electrical convenience and lower operational costs than traditional oil-fueled motors. However, electrical motors bring their own set of problems if you leave it without proper maintenance.


To ensure you can prolong your motor's lifespan, durability and overall capability, make sure you're using these four effective maintenance methods:


High Insulation Resistance

An AC gear motor works efficiently if all electrical components have isolated circuits that protect from possible circuit contamination. In turn, it prevents possible burnout and motor failure at any time. With high insulation resistance in every electrical component in the motor, you will guarantee its operational capabilities to go beyond its estimated lifespan and performance.


Proper Lubrication

Lubricants work to prevent grinding and friction that occurs against the shaft. In addition, the right viscosity levels of lubricants ensure all gears working with your AC gear motor are pulling their weight or torque. In doing so, they reduce any possible grinding, unexpected breakdowns, or dislodging during operations. Always have a steady supply of the right lubrication.


A Consistent and Uniform Air Gap

Your motor will produce heat that requires release. With a minimal or inconsistent air gap, it can cause overheating with the machine, which leads to a higher risk of breakdown. Increased temperatures in your motors guarantee a logistical nightmare. A simple vigilant observation and continual adjustment of your motor's air gap will help improve its lifespan and performance.


Guarantee a Clean and Moisture-Free Environment

Dusty, debris-filled, and wet environments aren't conducive operational areas for AC motors. It's greatly important to keep the workplace clean and moisture-free. Loose electrical wirings in moisture-filled workplaces won't only short your AC motor's circuit but cause a great many workplace accident incidents too.


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