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4 Common Issues with Gearmotors and How to Fix Them

September 19, 2018

Gearmotors have an essential role in many industrial applications. Even small gearmotors can be essential to a facility, and an issue can render a vital machine ineffective. Relying on quality motors and expert technical knowledge, we can provide upgrades, repairs, maintenance and consulting for any application or facility.


These are some the most common issues with gearmotors and their possible causes, from the experts at Bauer GMC.


Gear slipping - this happens when the gear jumps out of engagement, and it is usually caused by several things. It can be due to worn selector mechanisms or weak springs.  A replacement is the only remedy in these cases. The slipping can also be caused by a loose gear on the main shaft, worn out gear teeth, or worn dog clutch members.


Hard gear shifting - this issue can be caused by incorrect clutch adjustment or clutch linkage binding. It can also be due to misalignment of the clutch housing, which may require correction of the runout at the rear. Another possible reason for this gearmotor issue is the gear shift mechanism needs lubrication or correction.


Gearbox oil leakage - a leak may happen if the wrong oil is used, one which may be thinner than required. In such case, the oil has to be drained and replaced with one specified for the specific use. The leakage can also be caused by damaged oil seals, which would have to be replaced. Damaged or missing gaskets also require replacement. It can also be as simple as loose bolts on the gear box, which can be tightened.


A gear locked in position - if a gear is locked in one gear and can’t be shifted out, it can be because of a bent selector fork or broken selector rod. A thorough inspection would be necessary to look for any defective parts. This can also happen with broken teeth on a gear or other parts of the gear train. In this case, the gearbox has to be disassembled and gear replaced.


With certified expertise, quality gearmotors, and genuine replacement parts, Bauer GMC can help your business ensure operations run smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about upgrades, repairs and regular maintenance.