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4 Aspects Of Maintenance For Gear Motors

June 03, 2024
Quality Gear Motor Repair Services In Mississauga

Gear motors are critical equipment used in a variety of applications ranging from industrial to medical and even food production. However, with constant usage, some amount of wear and tear is inevitable, leading to repairs down the road. So how can one reduce the frequency of gear motor repairs? The answer lies in proper maintenance, right from the installation stage. In this blog, Bauer GMC addresses 4 such important aspects of gear motor maintenance.

Gear Motor Maintenance 101

Mounting Base

Right before a gearmotor is mounted onto a surface, it is crucial to check the levelling of that surface. The support base upon which the gearmotor will be mounted has to be level as this will offer maximum stability during operation. A great way to ensure this levelling is by thoroughly cleaning the area between the support base and gear motor, removing any lingering particles.

Mounting Screws

The next factor is to consider the mounting screws and washers that will secure the gearmotor to the base. Not only should it be of the right resistance and quality, but it must also be fastened using appropriate torque as recommended by the manufacturer. This will further bolster the stability during operation and reduce small wear and tear.

Machine Shaft Alignment

All gearmotors are used to drive a certain machine shaft of equipment. Any misalignment here can be disastrous for the gear motor. Not only will it increase vibrations in the machine, but it might also require more energy to operate due to reduced efficiency.

Appropriate Lubrication

To ensure zero damage to seals and bearings, it is very important to use appropriate lubrication before operation. Always consider the instruction manual given by the manufacturer and lubricate accordingly and with the right fluids for a particular gearmotor.

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