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4 Advantages of Using Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives

September 21, 2021

Almost every manufacturer and fabricator, who uses variable frequency drives, is unlikely to give up the opportunity to add a Danfoss Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to their machinery. This is because Danfoss drives continue to deliver exceptional performance and offer value-for-money solutions for companies that need a power-saving and performance-enhancing variable drive. 

The benefits of Danfoss drives can be summed up by these 4 points

Reduced Utility Costs

Let's face it, all gear motors and drives that only function on a specific frequency are wasteful unless an employee adjusts their voltage or frequency according to the task at hand. Automating this process through a Danfoss VFD reduces both utility costs and possible human errors, while simultaneously freeing up the manpower for other tasks.

Improved Equipment Lifespan 

Along with a fixed motor frequency, conventional gear motors will degrade your equipment’s lifespan and performance due to consistent, high-powered usage. With a Danfoss VFD, your drive's frequency and voltage is automatically adjusted, thus adjusting the speed of your motor. Consequently, you won't face wear and tear issues with your machinery, as the variable drive will optimize your equipment's capacities without overusing them in the process.

Reduced Risk of Errors

Without human intervention, variable frequency drives reduce the risk of human error. Truthfully, labour involvement only includes turning the machine on and off and inspecting its output. The VFD will take care of all functionalities to prevent ramping up or ramping down the motor in excess. 

Guaranteed Build and Performance Quality

Manufacturers and fabricators have come to trust the Danfoss brand because of its consistently high-quality performance and dependability. Danfoss only uses the best raw materials and continuously reviews and improves its variable frequency drive designs. Furthermore, they have numerous high-quality distributors, such as Bauer GMC, capable of supplying their products to numerous clients, while also providing excellent maintenance and after-sales services.

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